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 What's the time in Sockland?

It's always SOCKS O'CLOCK!


SKARPETKI to wspólne dzieło Elizabeth Lindsay i Nicka Sharratta. Tak śmieszna, że spadną Wam... skarpetki! Jesteście gotowi?


Liczba stron: 32

Rozmiar: 29 x 24 cm



Sockywockydoodah! It was obvious from the first word that this inventive book was going to be a hit with my two young daughters. They giggled from the off and after the second reading they could quote chunks of it by heart – and did exactly that at random points of the day.

From the pen of Nick Sharratt, who also brought us ’Pants’ and ‘More Pants’, it’s set in Sockland (where, of course, the time is always ‘socks o’clock). With rhythmic rhymes, lots of crazy wordplay, and hilarious illustrations featuring the eponymous items of footwear – such as the socktopus and the sockatoo – it’s bound to delight any young child. Popsock-a-lula-bop!  (Worcester News, 2012)

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